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Thank you for using online cargo booking service of Korean Air Cargo e- Customer Service Platform.
Customer's booking data will be automatically transmitted to Korean Air Cargo's Host System, ACEII.
All entered booking data should consist of only alphanumeric characters.
You may find answers on general questions about e-Booking Service. You may also submit your additional
inquiry through "Contact us" section at Customer Center of the website. We will be glad to answer any additional question you may have.
FAQ for online Booking
How do I check booking status of my shipment(s)?
You can check booking status of shipments reserved by Internet, Traxon and/or call center by clicking "Booking List" section of the website.
Also you can sort the shipment list by status (waiting or confirm) and period.
I cannot find booking status of my shipment(s) from "Cargo Tracking" section. Is there any other way to check booking status of my shipment(s)?
e-Customer Service Platform provides dedicated menu, Booking List, to check booking status.  Through this menu, you can check booking status of shipments reserved by Internet, Traxon and/or call center.  Also you can sort shipment list  by status (Waiting or confirm) and period
Can I make changes to my booking through the website?
Yes . You can make changes to previous booking data of your shipment(s) reserved through e-Customer Service Platform.  But, in order to make changes to the booking made through Call center or Traxon, you must contact local Korean Air Cargo Office.
I want to make a reservation on trucking or interline segment(s). How do make booking for such segment(s)?
The website only displays schedules of RFS (Trucking) and OAL contracted with Korean Air.  If you want to make a reservation on connection(s) to RFS and/or OAL, you need to contact local Korean Air Cargo Office.
(Exception: Booking of RFS from Gimpo to Incheon Airport is available online with the following flights : KE7362, KE7364, KE7366)
Due to request of the shipper, I changed the flight schedule of the shipment that has already been confirmed on a particular flight. Does confirmed status of the shipment remain unchanged even after changing to a new flight?
This is treated as new booking. Booking status (confirm or waiting) for the changed flight depends on space availability on the flight. If you wish to use your allotment, you should check "Allot Use" box, and it would confirm automatically if weight of the shipment is within your allotment weight.
The booking needs to be canceled due to unavailability of the shipment from the shipper in time for the scheduled flight. How do I cancel the booking?
You can cancel e-CSP Booking just by clicking " Booking" >"Booking Change". Please input Air Waybill number to cancel and click "Retrieve" button. Then the Booking data registered by you will be displayed automatically. After checking the data again, please click " Booking Cancel" button.
I want to make multiple and regular booking for shipments of dangerous goods and/or heavy cargo. Is this possible?
D.G (Variation DGR) and Heavy Cargo (Variation BiG) cannot be reserved through "Multiple and Regular Booking" section since several crucial data such as UN No. and dimension cannot be entered from this section.
For DG and Heavy cargo Booking, you need to go to " Normal Booking" section of the website.
What is My Anchor?
Frequent checking of booking status of urgent and special shipment(s) can be very troublesome and time-consuming.  My Anchor list enables customers to check updated booking status of all registered shipments simply by clicking the list button.
My remaining allotment on the Flight KE207/10OCT is 500Kg. However, I have to book 1000kg of a regular shipment. How can I handle this over allotted shipment?
Booking of shipment(s) made within your allotment weight is transmitted to automatically obtain confirmed status in Korean Air Host System, ACE-II.  When you are over your allotment, the booking is transmitted with waiting status.
In order to obtain confirmed status of booking of over-allotment shipment(s), you need to contact local Korean Air Cargo office.
Is there time limit on advanced booking?
Advanced booking is available for flights operating within next 23 days from the booking date.
I want to re-book Noshow AWB, but AWB No. Auto Creation does not display Noshow AWB number. Is there any way to re-book Noshow AWB ?
AWB No. Auto Creation function at Booking section does not retrieve Noshow AWB number.  You can re-book Noshow AWB by manually inputting the AWB number instead of using AWB No. Auto Creation function.
Noshow AWB number does not come up on AWB Stock List. How can I restore it ?
Unfortunately, Noshow AWB number are not restored to AWB Stock List.
In order to re-book Noshow AWB number, you need to manually input the AWB number instead of using AWB No. Auto Creation functionz