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Date 2018-05-31  
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Chinese Customs New EDI Requirements implementation will be effective as of June 1st.

Please see below and follow the instruction below for all shipments heading to China. (except Hong Kong)


>> Below <<


1.     Effective date : June 1st, 2018 (Mandatory without pilot period)

2.     Forwarders should transmit FWB/FHL including ;

    SHPR/CNEE TEL No. : Contact number field in SHP/CNE line

    SHPR/CNEE Code, name and contact number of person in charge of CNEE in OCI field

                                  i.         SHPR/CNEE Code : Enterprise code + business registration number

* Please refer to attached for enterprise code of each country. No abbreviation is allowed.

                                 ii.         /KR/SHP/T/enterprise code + business registration number (max. 35 characters.)

                               iii.         In case that SHPR/CNEE is not a company, ID number or Passport number can be
input instead of business registration number.

3.     Note

    Forwarders using FIS should check with their vendor and CCS if all necessary information
can be transmitted.

    Forwarders also can send FWB/FHL using Korean Air homepage (Traffic > e-freight)

    12 types of OCI field (M-Mandatory / O-Optional)

/KR/SHP/T/VAT NUMBER1234567890(SHPR Business registration number) --------- M

/KR/SHP/KC/JIMOON(SHPR Specific Person) -------------------------------------------- O

/KR/SHP/U/7777777(SHPR TEL No.) ------------------------------------------------------ O

/KR/SHP/E/AEO1234567891(SHPR AEO number) ---------------------------------------- O

/CN/CNE/T/ID(or USCI)1234567890(CNEE Business registration number) ------------ M

/CN/CNE/KC/ABCDEEE(CNEE Specific Person) ------------------------------------------ M

/CN/CNE/U/1111111(CNEE TEL No.) ---------------------------------------------------- M

/CN/CNE/E/AEO1234567891(CNEE AEO number) --------------------------------------- O

/CN/NFY/T/ID(or USCI)1234567890(NTFY Business registration number) ------------- O

/CN/NFY/KC/DDRREEEE(NTFY Specific Person) ------------------------------------------ O

/CN/NFY/U/3333333(NTFY TEL No.) ------------------------------------------------------ O

/CN/NFY/E/AEO1234567899(NTFY AEO number) --------------------------------------- O

** Identifier : KR – country code of Korea, CN – country code of China
                 SHP – shipper, CNE – consignee, NFY – notify
                 T – business number, KC – person name, U – phone number, E – AEO number

    Forwarders are responsible for the exact data transmission. All kinds of cost or penalty
caused by missing or wrong data will be imposed to the forwarders.

    It is highly recommended to input SHPR/CNEE contact number and Business registration
number in Master Air Waybill and House Consol Manifest.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Download attachments : Types of business code.xls