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Korean Air provides “Kooltainer(Korean Air cool container) Service” for air transport of
    special shipments that are temperature sensitive!
Container Specifications
Container Specifications RKN Container
(LD3 with temperature control)
(Small container with temperature control)
External Size (L/W/H) 61.5 x 60.4 x 64 inch 55 x 39 x 30 inch
Internal Volume 109 cuft 13 cuft
Maximum Payload 1,588 kg 400 kg
Minimum Chargeable Wt 755 kg 200 kg
Temp control range -15℃ ~ +15℃ -15℃ ~ +15℃
Others Forklift can be used Forklift can be used
Temperature control is only available for dropping temperature below, not above, external temperature.
Items Requiring This Service
Human blood or body organ transplants.
Temperature-sensitive food.
Manufactured equipment that requires delicate temperature conditions.
Container Performance
With a one-time setting, it is possible to maintain a constant temperature for up to 48 hours and with replenishment of
battery and dry ice, delivery to destination at a constant temperature is also possible.
See Thermostat below
dry ice
16 1.5V batteries (new 1.5 volt Alkaline, D type)
Dimension: 34.2 x 61.5mm
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