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Fully automated Cargo terminals with state-of-the-art cargo handling systems, equipment and facilities
Korean Air Cargo provides our valued customers with speedy and punctual service through our fully
  automated designated cargo terminals in stations both at Home & abroad.
Our designated cargo terminals, which you can meet at Incheon, Tokyo, Osaka, Los Angeles and New York,
  are designed to meet your various needs with temperature-controlled coolers, freezers, vault rooms, and other state of the art equipments
Computerized Elevating Transfer Vehicles (ETV) stack pre-packed cargo consignments into 720 positions on
4 level racks.
Mobile loader devices convey cargo directly from the terminal dock to the freighter.
Pollution- and noise-free electrical forklifts
Tug cars and other latest machinery contribute to safe, accurate and swift cargo handling.
   Please visit our NEW HOMEPAGE for handling shipment departures from April 1st