Incheon Cargo Terminal NO.2
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The foreground of the cargo terminal No. 2
Opened next to Incheon Cargo Terminal No. 1 in 2007, Cargo Terminal No.2 at Incheon can process 260,000 tons of cargo annually. Being the latest addition to Korean Air Cargo’s own terminals, Incheon Cargo Terminal 2 features a wide variety of the modern cargo handling equipment.
Terminal scale
Facility Korean Air Cargo Terminal No. 2
Area 37,466㎡
W/H scale (Canopy included) 210m x 105m (420m x 142m)
Scale Five stories above and one beneath ground level
Terminal handling capacity 260,000 tons/year
Remarks OAL export cargo handling
Special Cargo Handling Facilities
  Cooler Freezer Warmer Temp./Moist.
Control Room
Valuables Live animal
Capacity 68㎡(+5°C) 9.9㎡(-18°C) - - 24.79㎡ -
ULD Storage O - - - - -
Terminal Material Handling Equipment
E.T.V. 2 ea (424 POS) Truck Dock 21 ea
T.V. - By-pass 1 line
Work station 17 ea Truck Dock Leveller 9 ea