Tokyo-Narita Cargo Terminal
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The foreground of the cargo terminal
This terminal began operations in January 1985 and has a total floor area of 2,405㎡ capable of handling 35,000 tons annually. The terminal is adjacent to the apron, allowing direct and swift warehouse-to-aircraft loading and unloading with minimal handling time.
Terminal scale
Facility Narita Cargo Terminal
Area 2,405㎡
W/H scale (Canopy included) 35m x 70m (35m x 106m)
Terminal handling capacity 35,000 tons/year
Remarks Export cargo handling
Special Cargo Handling Facilities
  Cooler Freezer Warmer Temp./Moist.
Control Room
Valuables Live animal
Export Cargo Capacity 36㎡(+5°C) 245㎡(-5°C) X X 8㎡ X
ULD Storage X X X X X X
Import Cargo (JL) Capacity 562㎡(+5°C) 435㎡(-5°C)
- - 144㎡ 90㎡
ULD Storage O O X X X X