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Korean Air Lines Cargo Co., Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as "Korean Air"), is doing its best to
protect the personally identifiable information of Users (hereinafter referred to as “PII”),
complying with all relevant laws and regulations such as “Information Network Act and Protection of Privacy."
Korean Air discloses to the users the method in which PII is used, making sure that all measures are taken
to the best of Korean Air’s ability to protect users’ PII and to prevent damage or information leakage.
The Privacy Policy of Korean Air is subject to change at any time without notice in accordance with laws
or company regulations, so it is recommended that individuals refer back to this statement periodically.

The Privacy Policy of Korean Air is as follows:
1. Collecting “PII”
2. Purpose of Collecting “PII”
3. Disclosure of “PII”
4. Entrusting “PII”
5. Terms & Duration of “PII”
6. Disposal of “PII”
7. Right of Users & Legal Guardians
8. Operation of Information Collecting Application
9. Technical & Administrative Measures
10. Department in Charge of “PII”
11. Feedback & Customer Service

1. Collecting “PII”
Korean Air may ask its online members to provide PII for member management, marketing and advertising.

< Signing up for membership >
Ⅰ. Main ID
- User ID, password, IATA code or Account code, representative or personal e-mail address,
company telephone number
Ⅱ. Additional ID
- Regional staff's e-mail address, whether or not member will receive e-mail notice, agent’s name,
company address (location), name

※ After logging in with main ID, additional ID can be issued.

< When using Contact us or Online Claim menu for non-members >
Users will be required to provide the following information to receive customer service from the Contact us menu.
- Name, phone number, e-mail

Users will be required to provide the following information for Online Claim registration service.
- Company name, company location (country, city), name, phone number, e-mail

< Automatically Generated Information >
In addition, the following information may be collected during the use of various services.
- Service records, access log, cookie, IP Address, etc.

Korean Air collects PII by using the following means.
- Membership or bulletin board on the website, telephone, fax, etc.
- Our sales representatives and cargo staffs in all branches

2. Purpose of Collecting “PII”
Korean Air does not use PII for any purpose other than as stated in this article unless it is required
by law or applicable regulations.

- Fulfillment of the contract for providing service: Providing contents, booking, tracing the shipment,
displaying invoices, etc.
- User management: User identification, prevention of membership abuse and unlicensed use of service,
confirmation of membership registration, regulating membership registration, maintaining record for
dispute resolution, customer service, and announcements
- Marketing and advertising: Notices about new services, promotional events and information

Korean Air has established links to other websites in order to enhance service to its members. However,
Korean Air would like to recommend users to check and confirm the privacy policies of the linked sites
since Korean Air has no direct control over others’ websites.

3. Disclosure of “PII”
Korean Air does not disclose PII to any third party unless it is permitted by the user. Korean Air shall
notify such disclosure to an individual user via written document, e-mail, or website news specifying
the purpose and contents of such information as well as its duration, and Korean Air also shall request for user agreement.

However, based on the regulations of relevant laws, Korean Air may disclose PII without users’ permission
in the following cases.
Ⅰ. If required by laws, or requested by a court or an investigating government agency
Ⅱ. If required and necessary to provide members with better service
Ⅲ. If personal information is provided in an unidentifiable form for statistics, academic research, or market research
4. Entrusting “PII”
Korean Air entrusts a part of the handling of PII to the following companies to provide users with stable
web services and for the managing of Korean Air’s cargo website.
- Contracted companies: IBM Korea, Hanjin Information System & Telecommunication Co., Ltd., Needcreo Co., Ltd.
- Contract details: Website management and online service, including server management, database management
and services concerning air cargo business

5. Terms & Duration of “PII”
Korean Air will destroy all or any applicable part of PII immediately once its purpose has been served as follows:
- Membership information: Upon termination of membership
- Information collected temporarily for surveys or events: When the applicable survey or event expires

However, Korean Air may retain all or any applicable part of PII after its purpose has been served for the
following period of time when required by law or related regulations regarding consumer protection.
In this case, Korean Air will retain PII solely for the purpose of preservation and maintenance.
ㆍRecord of advertising and so on: 6 months
ㆍRecord of contract, agreement, and withdraw: 5 years
ㆍRecord of payments and supplies: 5 years
ㆍRecord of consumer complaints and disputes: 3 years

6. Disposal of “PII”
- Information submitted by members for the purpose of membership registration is stored for a certain period
of time in accordance with the internal policy of the company and the applicable laws for the protection
of privacy before it is destroyed.
PII is not used for other purposes unless it is required by laws.
ㆍ Method
- Hardcopy that contains PII is shredded by a shredder whereas softcopy is deleted without the possibility of recovery.

7. Right of Users & Legal Guardians
Users have the right to view their own PII retained by Korean Air or to request it to be modified if it
contains any false information. In addition, users have the right to withdraw the consent they have initially
provided to Korean Air for the collection and use of PII.
Users are able to view and modify their PII as well as withdraw the initial consent through the website
(; users also can write or call Korean Air’s cargo department directly,
or send an e-mail to Korean Air responds to users’ request accordingly after
conducting their identification process.

Users can view and modify their PII by clicking “My account” menu after logging on to the Korean Air cargo website.
In order to withdraw their PII, users need to contact our department in charge of PII by writing, calling,
or sending an e-mail; Korean Air will destroy all or any applicable part of PII immediately as well as
terminate the users’ memberships and notify users of settlement outcome.

Korean Air will take necessary measures to ensure that PII withdrawn and deleted by users’ request will not
be permitted for view and use except for the cases noted on “5.Terms & Duration of ’PII’”.

8. Operation of Information Collecting Application
Korean Air installs and operates the information collecting application that uses “cookie” to store visitors’
online information. "Cookie" is a text file less than 4KB sent by a web server to store on the hard disk of
a web browsing client, and the content can be retrieved at a later time.

ㆍPurpose of using cookies
Ⅰ. Korean Air uses cookies to set user preferences. Cookies are used to save information based on user preference,
which will be used on subsequent visits.
Ⅱ. Cookies are used to gather information such as the frequency of login or the rate of revisits of
members and non-members.
Ⅲ. Cookies may be used for checking the frequency of user participation in various promotional events
such as events, quizzes, etc.
ㆍDisagree with the use of cookies
The user has the right to disagree with the use of cookies. Users may refuse cookie files by setting
computer browsers to refuse all cookie files or to ask when cookie files are used. However, users may
encounter difficulty using some of our services if cookie files are refused.

9. Technical & Administrative Measures
Korean Air has implemented several technical security measures for the purpose of protecting PII.
All information submitted by users is managed by SSL 128 bit method encrypting and a security system
equipped with a highly secure dual firewall. In terms of administrative measures, various effective
procedures are taken to assure the highest level of security. In addition, the number of personnel
who have access to PII is reduced to the minimum while security training programs are provided on
a continuous basis. Also, a password is applied to those who operate PII processing system, and it is renewed regularly.

10. Department in Charge of “PII”
Korean Air operates a dedicated department to protect users’ PII and to handle complaints regarding privacy.
If you have questions regarding PII, please contact us using information provided below.

◎ Department in Charge of PII
. Department: Cargo IT Planning Team / Cargo Planning Dept.
. Tel: 82-2-2656-5403
. E-mail:

11. Feedback & Customer Service
If you have any inquiries or feedback regarding your PII, please register by using the following contact information.
We will respond to any concern as quickly as possible.
- Online: Register on “Voice of Customer” under the Help Center menu.
- Tel / e-mail: 82-2-2656-5403 /

Korean Air’s Privacy Policy is effective as of May 26, 2008. The Privacy Policy of Korean Air may be altered
due to revisions in relevant Korean laws and governmental directives. If Korean Air makes any revisions,
it will publish the applicable information on the Internet website seven days prior to enforcing the changes.
- Privacy Policy Version: V 1.5
- Privacy Policy Date of Enforcement: May 26, 2008.
- Privacy Policy Amendments
○ Jun 26, 2009 : Amended as follows: Collecting “PII”, Entrusting “PII” Addendum: Collecting “PII” (v1.1)
○ August 27, 2009 : Amended as follows: Collecting “PII”, Entrusting “PII”(v1.2)
○ March 4, 2013 : Amended as follows: Entrusting “PII”, Department in charge of “PII”, Feedback & Customer Service (v1.3)
○ July 15, 2015 : Amended as follows: Modification of Collecting “PII” (v1.4)
○ Jun 9, 2016 : Amended as follows: Collecting “PII”, Entrusting “PII” (v1.5)

This notice is a translated version of Privacy Policy originally prepared in Korean. If there are any
discrepancies in the content between the translated version and the original Korean version,
the original Korean version acts as the superseding documentation.