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The mission of the Korean Air Cargo
Together with you, our global stakeholders, Korean Air Cargo aims to create the most innovative and
customized logistics solutions for world trade and commerce. As an industry leader, Korean Air Cargo will look constantly to the future and continuously seek new ways to add the greatest possible value to the countries, communities and customers we serve as well as the individual lives our business activities touch.
To create together with you, our global stakeholders
Implies Korean Air's awareness of interrelationship between its business activities and the partners in the
complex chain of global economy. Korean Air also recognizes that every part of its business is closely related with shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities as well as the natural environment, constantly exchanging influences on each other. Being a truthful partner living and working together to create a bright future for all of us and our children, Korean Air will save no effort to provide its very best to contribute towards the common goal.
To provide top-notch logistics solutions tailored to diverse demands from global market
Implies Korean Air's strategic insights in analyzing and finding diverse needs of customers that run the whole gamut from individual shippers to large corporations. Korean Air aims to be the industry leader by satisfying its customers far beyond with its finest and timely logistics solutions whenever and wherever needed along with Cargo2000 standards.
To stay at the forefront of innovation, always looking to the future
Indicates that Korean Air will firmly maintain its position at the forefront of air logistics innovation to challenge
the uncertainty of future market that lies ahead of us. As challenging spirit has always been its major driving force, Korean Air will take a leading role in industrial efforts to work out new operational standards and innovative logistics solutions to meet the changes in our variable market.
To seek for mutual prosperity by adding and turning the greatest possible value
Indicates that the primary purpose of Korean Air Cargo business is set to work for the best interest of
customers, satisfying their diverse needs, desire and expectations by means of providing the finest products and services to promote the profits of every customer. We believe that such philosophy will provide solid foundation for both Korean Air and its esteemed customers where all can grow together to mutual prosperity, not only in the field of air freight industry but also in the wide circle of global business.