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  Express – Heavy
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Service Features
Reservation Priority
  - Guarantees the reservation on the first available flight or the flight of the customers’ choice
  * Note, narrow body flights are exempt from the first available flight options.

Guaranteed Loading
  - Shipment will be loaded on the scheduled flight without fail
  - Space is guaranteed for shipments of up to 500kg on a passenger flight, and 1,000kg on a freighter

Minimum Ground time
  - Cutoff time for acceptance : 180 minutes prior to flight departure
  - Ready for delivery : 180 minutes after flight arrival
  * Cargo acceptance & delivery time may vary according to the conditions of each stations.
    It is also subject to change under laws or regulations of the origin/destination.
    For more information, please contact the local Korean Air Office.

Money Back Guarantee(MBG)
  - Up to 100% of the freight charge will be refunded, in case of offload of misconnection from the
    reserved (or designated) flight schedule
  - Refer to for more information.

Quick & Reliable Service
  - A dedicated service counter is operated for the acceptance of Equation-Heavy cargo
  - Separate operation procedures are set up for the document & cargo handling

  - Real-time online tracing by each MAWB is available throughout the transportation process.
Other Information
‘Express Heavy’ service cannot be provided for shipments that include
  - Live animals, valuables, human remains, collect-charged shipments and Dangerous Goods.
Ground Time is Substantially Reduced
  Cutoff time for acceptance: 180 minutes prior to departure
Ready for delivery: 180 minutes after arrival
- The above information is based on normal working hours of Korean Air stations. Actual time applications
  may differ from station to station. For further information, please contact Korean Air Cargo Branch Offices.
- Subject to change under laws or regulations of the origin or destination.