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  Customized Features
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What is Customized Made of?
Contract (Service Customization )
- Routings
- Flights
- Agreed Capacity
- Logistical Timelines
Descriptions on Caring Points of Freights
Operational Requirements to Be Added by the Customer
  Booking Freights with Special Contract Number.
- Shipment Information Captured to Draw Handling Duty’s Attention
Coding “VIP”
- ‘VIP’ Will Be Coded for Special Attention
- VIP Shipment Information Alerted and Activated for Further Process
Handling Freights
  Identifying VIP Customer and Checking up Freights Details
Labeling VIP on Air Waybills and Freights
Providing Exclusive Care as VIP ( in Allocating Capacity, Load Planning )
Loading on Agreed Flights Guaranteed
Customized Monitoring System Will Start Activation
Delivery at Destination
  Priority Notice to Customers on Freight Arrival
Freights Ready for Immediate Delivery
Customized Quality Control
Dedicated Care Service by ‘SCS (Special Care Service) Desk’ Specialized in
  Consistent Care of Freights to the Final Destination
Exclusive Track and Tracing
Immediate Back up Service to Cope with Unexpected Situation
Analysis on Service Performance for Customers
Customized Monitoring System (Watchdog for Complete Service)
  Monitors Entire Process until Final Delivery
Calls for Proactive Actions against Possible Service Failure and Prompt Follow-ups
Boosts Interactive Communication among Contracted Parties
Is Available on the webpage
Customized Value Propositions
Customized will Enable Our Partner (Shipper) to
  Secure Korean Air’s Cargo Capacity Credit based on Contract
Predict Logistics Cost Properly
Maintain Optimum Stock Level with Timely Supply of Goods
Set up Immediate Procedures for Urgent Extra Logistics Needs
Customized will Enable Our Partner (Freight Forwarder) to
  Provide More Preferred Options to the Shipper Based on Korean Air’s Mega Fleet Capacity
Be More Effectively Engaged in Shipper’s Supply Chain with Korean Air’s Commitment
Minimize Procedures in Comparison with Multi Shippers’ Consignments
Be Accredited by Shipper and Korean Air through Consistent Partnership
Make Easier Access to Korean Air’s Cargo Capacity