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Express Airport to Airport
Express delivery service from Airport to Airport, provided by the worldwide Korean Air network
  * Note, this is an airport-to-airport service.
    A freight forwarder must perform the reservations and registrations of shipments.
Guarantees the loading on the first available flight
Service is also available for urgent shipments that do not have a reservation
Applicable to
  - Shipments of general cargo
  - Weight : may not exceed 32kg per piece & 100kg per MAWB
  - Dimension : (width + length + height) may not exceed 228cm(90 inch) per piece
Minimum Ground time
  - Cutoff time for acceptance : 90 minutes (120minutes at ICN) prior to flight departure
  - Ready for delivery : 90 minutes after flight arrival
  * Cargo acceptance & delivery time may vary according to the conditions of each stations.
    For more information, please contact the local Korean Air Office.
Money Back Guarantee(MBG)
  - Up to 100% of the freight charge will be refunded, in case of offload of misconnection from the reserved (or designated)
    flight schedule
  - Refer to for more information.
Real-time online tracing by each MAWB is available throughout the transportation process.