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  Money Back Guarantee
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Money Back Guarantee
Up to 100% of the freight-charge is refundable
  - A 50% refund, in case of offload or misconnection from the reserved(or designated) fight schedule
  - A 100% refund, in case of offload or misconnection from the reserved(or designated) flight schedule
  more than 2 times
The total amount of refund shall not exceed USD 5,000 or the equivalent in local currency.
The refund will be based on the actual freight-charge paid by the customer, and will not include other
    incidental charges.
In case a delay occurs due to partial shipments, the MBG rules will apply only to the delayed portion
   of shipments based on weights specified on the packing list made by Shipper.
  * However, the MBG is not applicable to partial shipment schedules agreed on by Customer.
Compensation for loss or breakage of shipments
  - Full compensation for total loss or breakage of goods
  - For partial loss or breakage of goods, the compensation will follow the
  "General Conditions of Carriage for International Cargo". (The MBG will not be applied)

Exceptions (MBG shall not apply in case of delays due to the following causes)
Delay due to reasons beyond the control of Carrier (or relevant parties) including force majeure,
    natural, disaster, war, riot, commotion, strike, Air Traffic Control, safety related procedures,
    aircraft abnormalities and severe weather conditions.
  * Delay due to the change of flight schedule for commercial reasons is subject to MBG
When shipment is not loaded on a confirmed flight in the following cases
  - The shipment exceeds the prescribed weight (may not exceed 32kg per piece & 100kg per MAWB)
  - The shipment exceeds the booked weight by more than 20%
  - The shipment does not match the items listed on the AWB
  - The delay is due to security check or customs-related issues
  - After consulting with the shipper in advance, regarding the change or cancellation of the flight schedule,
    change of flight or conversion of the urgent shipment to ‘general cargo’
  - The delay is due to the shipper’s (or his/her designee’s) responsibility, including incorrect information,
    mistakes or errors.
Money Back Guarantee (MBG) Claim Procedures
MBG claims should be registered to the operating carrier at the origin, transit or destination.
MBG claims are valid ONLY when registered in the form of a letter, e-mail or fax, within 21days
   from the scheduled delivery date of the shipment.
MBG claims are valid ONLY when registered by the shipper or consignee printed on the AWB,
   or by a duly authorized designee.
The following documents should be enclosed to the MBG claims
  1. Application, written and sealed, containing the name and address of applicant
    (in the form of a letter, fax, or e-mail)
  2. Packing List (in case of partial shipments)
  3. Letter of Attorney or proper proof of delegation (in case a designee registers the claim)
  EXPRESS service cannot be provided for shipments that include
  - Live animals, valuables, human remains, collect-charged shipments and Dangerous Goods.
- Note, service is applicable to Dangerous Goods of Excepted Quantity.