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To ensure your peace of mind, Korean Air delivers on the promise of getting any shipments that require special handling to wherever you want with unmatched speed and reliability. Korean Air's 7 sub-brands under Variation , each of which are tailored to fit the characteristics of the cargo within each category, guarantee reliable service and specialized attention to the shipments of our valued customers.
Sub-brand Applicable Cargo Service Features
Heavy or Big Shipments:
Over 25,000lbs per piece or
Over 275inch(length of one side) and 1,500kg per piece
Professional handling
(palletization, tie-down, loading, unloading)
Dedicated staff assigned
Dangerous Goods(D.G) as defined by
IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
Qualified operation staff will handle D.G in accordance with Dangerous Goods Regulations
Category I : Cargo requiring automatic temperature control throughout
entire route
Using "Kooltainer"
Ready for delivery within 3 hours after ATA
Category II : Temperature-sensitive Perishables Provide refrigeration facilities, equipment
Category III : Any kind of perishable shipment requiring basic or standard handling Protection from direct sun, snow, rain etc on ramp
Live Animal shipments as defined by IATA Live Animals Regulations Care for safety and health
Ready for delivery within 3 hours after ATA
Category I : Valuable goods as defined by IATA TACT Manuals Escort service on ramp
Ready for delivery within 3 hours after ATA
Category II : High Tech shipments such as Semiconduct, Medical machinery/equipment which is very sensitive to shock During entire route, Prevent any damages to shipment by delicate handling
All kinds of vehicles including car, motorcycles, etc No outer damage, minimum vibration during transport Loadability check service
Category I : Pharmaceuticals requiring the strictest temperature control Transported in E type in which automatic temperature control is possible for 100 hours with minimized temperature deviation.
Category II : Pharmaceuticals needed to be kept in certain range of temperature Transported in RKN t2/RAP t2 in which automatic temperature control is possible between -20℃ and +20℃ for 72 hours)
Category III : Pharmaceuticals needed to be stored in temperature-controlled facilities Provide refrigeration facilities/equipment
Tender/delivery times may vary from station to station.
Professionally trained, experienced specialists are happy to provide customers with information ranging from transportation planning and
  schedules to necessary documentation.