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Facilities & Equipment
Korean Air complies with eth IATA Live Animals Regulations throughout the whole shipment process
Special ULDs, each suitable for the carriage of a diverse range of live animals are available for use
Other facilities and equipment will be provided to the customers’ request
    (Subject to change due to the circumstances at the local station)
Service Features
   Attendants are permitted to board the flights when necessary
   Optimum Temperature for Transporting Live Animals
Region Acceptable Temp
Min Temp(Danger) Max Temp (Danger) Min Ventilation Rate
COW 40-80'F 35'F 90'F 50CFM/1000LB BODY WT
CALVES 50-75'F 45'F 85'F 10CFM/1000LB BODY WT
HORSES 40-80'F 35'F 90'F 50CFM/1000LB BODY WT
SHEEP 50-75'F 45'F 85'F 100CFM/1000LB BODY WT
CAT&DOGS 70-75'F 45'F 95'F -
PIGS (Over 15LB) 50-75'F 45'F 85'F 15CFM/ANIMAL
BABY CHICKS 50-80'F 50'F 85'F 0.75CFM/BIRD, 2CFM/100BIRDS
SMALL BIRDS 70-75'F 65'F 85'F -