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General Split shipment (Partial) Foreign cargo Remaining On Board
Piece / Weight Validity of theData AMS Deconsolidator
Shipper / Consignee Data Local Transfer
Commodity Name Transmission of House Air Waybill to the Carrier
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What is AMS?
What is the basic difference between AMS and other nation's declaration system?
What is the estimated amount of fine for each AMS Data failure and who is subject to fine?
Who is subject to AMS Transmission?
Should Forwarders register to US CBP for transmission of Air AMS?
Are there any exceptions to the Declaration of Air AMS?
What are the cities that require the Transmission of Air AMS?
Which regions are exempted from Transmission of Air AMS?
When is the enforcement date of Air AMS?
Does the enforcement date stated in Q.9. applies to first station (including T/L) or final destination?
Who is responsible for Air AMS Data input?
What is the time limit for Air AMS and which station is in charge of sending Air AMS data to CBP?
What is the alternative solution for omission of HAWB Data due to system breakdown and other malfunctions?
Piece / Weight
What is the proper number 'PC' in sending Air AMS Data?
Should total HAWB WT and MAWB WT be identical?
Shipper / Consignee Data
What is the proper method of entering Shipper and Consignee?
Is it possible to input Telephone Number and CPO Box?
Is it possible to enter the name of Forwarder in SHPR/CNEE of HAWB?
Commodity Name
What is the general standard for entering commodity?
In the case of One Master One House, what is the proper Commodity Name?
Split shipment (Partial)
Is the partial shipment prohibited?
Is it possible to send Partial Shipment to different itinerary?
Transmission of House Air Waybill to the Carrier
What are the methods of transmitting HAWB data to the Carrier?
Validity of theData
Should AWB data and System data collides with each other, which one is valid?
What is the maximum alphanumeric in HAWB?
Local Transfer
What is the input method of the Local Transfer Shipment from the Carrier to Forwarders?
Does the same method apply to Partial Shipment involving more than one Bonded Warehouse?
Foreign cargo Remaining On Board
Does Air AMS apply to the Cargo via US whose final Destination is Outside of US (such as Canada)?
Does Air AMS apply to the Cargo bound for Europe via US?
AMS Deconsolidator
What is AMS Deconsolidator?
How could AWB indicate the cargo of AMS Deconsolidator?
Since AMS Deconsolidator does not display HAWB, what is the solution to Partial Shipment?
What is the advantage of AMS Deconsolidator having authorized to send House Data directly to CBP?
AMS Deconsolidator List (updated 2004.11)