Live Animal Transportation Information
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Acceptance Check Lists
Quarantine Regulations of Arrival country
Required Documents
Adequacy of Cage or Pen (Size, Material)
Forbidden Items by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
of Wild Flora and Fauna)
Applying Charge
Applying Charge: The larger among “Live Animal Quantity + Cage weight” and “Volume Weight” is applied.
  Ex: If dog/cat’s weight is 10 kg, cage’s weight is 15 kg and cage’s dimension is 60*80*50 cm, then:
  ① Actual Weight: 10+15=25 kg
② Volume Weight: 60*80*50 cm/6000=40 kg
③ Chargeable Weight of 40 kgs is applied for this shipment
Airfreight Charge:
  Airfreight Charge and Extra Charges (fuel surcharge, security surcharge and others)
Please contact the closest Korean Air Office or an agent of your choice for further info.
Korean Air Services
Korean Air provides special care and excellent services for live animals and handles safely pursuant to IATA regulations.
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