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Preparations and Factors to be considered before dispatch
Necessary arrangements and check in advance : a health certificate issued by the vetarinary authority of the exporting country confirming the animal's microchip number and the result of the rabies antibody test
  The injection is to be taken 30 days prior to the planned dispatch so that the immune system is
  developed against the disease. The prove of injection against rabies must be obtained in advance as the majority of countries require it.
     ※ The rabies-neutralizing antibody test must be administered by an internationally approved laboratory or
       by the competent authority of the exporting country before maximum 24 months prior to boarding.
  Certain countries may impose embargo on cats/dogs to be imported from countries where cases of rabies
    were detected. If such cases should arise or there is an extra quarantine period required, the shipper will burden any and all extra expense incurred as a result thereof.
  Check with CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) if the animal is not acceptable
  for air transport.
The import regulations in the destination
  The customer (or an agent) must obtain the import permission from the related authorities in the destination.
Most international shipment cases are processed through agents specializing in airfreight, as such, an
  agent that the customer prefers must be chosen. (About 10 to 14 days prior to the dispatch)
  To find an agent, please contact the Korean Air Office in your region.
  Cats/Dogs are accepted for air transport only for KE ONLINE routes.
Implement of Quarantine Reinforcement for Dog/Cat (Effective 1st of December , 2012).
  Microchip must be transplanted and the transplant number must be entered on the quarantine certificate.
Rabies vaccination record, Antibodies value must be entered on the quarantine certificate.
EU PET Passport and the quarantine certificates issued by Korean government are accepted.
(Microchip number, listing for rabies antibody test results related issues are required)
※ Please refer to the reinforced Quarantine of Dog/Cat for Korea bound in the following,
    Revised animal quarantine procedure for Dog/Cat
    Homepage and Brochure for Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine & Inspection Agency.
Considering the Suitability for Air Carriage (Age Factor)
America bound
  For commercial resale purposes: Must be over 6 months (180 days) old
For private petting Purposes: Must be over 4 months (120days) old
※ The purpose for shipment (Commercial resales or Private petting) is to be indicated on the Shippper’s Certification.
Other than America bound: must be over 3 months (90 days) old.
(Check the Quarantine regulation of Destination)
Reference website(Check age restrictions of state) : APHIS(Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service)
  LINK : https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pettravel
Required Documents
Quarantine Certificate (Issued by Quarantine station, usually a local office is located near the airport)
  When applying for a Quarantine Certificate, the followings must be indicated (in English): Kind of the animal,
  Gender, Age, Area of birth, the names and addresses of the shipper and the consignee)
Shipper’s certificate (to be completed in duplicate) The Format of the Certificate (The form can be
obtained at the airport)
Cage Standard Requirements
Cage size = Dog/Cat size + enough space to turn about normally
(at least over 6 inch of length and 4 inch of height)
The usage of cages with all six sides of metal mesh is not allowed according to IATA LAR
at least 2 sides (the floor and ceiling mandatory) must be made of solid surface.
The dogs of violent nature, such as Pitbulls, and/or whose actual weight exceeds 30 kg.
The cages must be made of solid wood/metal or rigid plastic cages. In case of animals of such characteristics.
※ Refer to IATA Live Animal Regulations for container requirements
Restrictions (International Animal Transport and Quarantine Office Regulations)
According to IATA LAR, the females in heat(oestrus), females with suckling young, unweaned animals
  (dogs/cats) and the animals under 3 months in age are not acceptable for air transport.
There is an extra quarantine period required for cats/dogs imported from countries where cases of rabies
  were detected. If such cases should arise the shipper will burden any extra expense incurred thereof.
  Countries where cases of rabies were found:
  All countries except Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Guam, Hawaii, Malaysia, Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore, United Kingdom, etc.
There are countries that impose total embargo on cats/dogs imported from countries where cases of rabies
  were detected. Ex) Indonesia. The shipper must check for embargo practices of the respective country.
Providing food and water for the animals is solely shipper’s responsibility and a carrier can not do so of
  its own accord.
  The only exception is that if, the flight duration exceeds 12 hours, then the representative of the carrier can
  provide food/water for the animals according to the instructions affixed to the cage. The shipper has the responsibility to affix special feeding and watering instructions to the container.
Stocking Density
  In general one cage contains only one dog/cat.
  * Other restriction or exception need to check each country’s state variations
  There are restrictions depending on the ventilation/oxygen supply, maximum allowed number of cages and
  other transport restrictions according to aircraft type. For further info on these and other restrictions, please contact the nearest Korean Air Office.