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Korean Air Cargo mobile application services for smart device users are now launched. Customers can receive cargo information in real time from everywhere through all kinds of smart phones and tablet PCs by mobile application and mobile website services.
Types of Mobile Services
Daily and Weekly schedule information is served.
Flight Operation Status
'Flight Operating Status' of the selected station is provided.
Booking List
After log-in, booking information (Confirm list, Waiting list) is provided.
Track your shipment with Master AWB or House AWB and the 'Tracking result' is sent to your e-mail.
After log-in, check your cargo’s boarding/delay/offload status from 'Onboard list'. You can also view 'U.S Customs Clearance Status' and 'EU-ICS Status' with your AWB number. 'Breakdown Status' of ICN, JFK, ATL, LAX, DFW, SEA and 'Cargo Delivery Reservation', 'Cargo Acceptance Reservation' services are also provided.
Storage Charge
For ICN, JFK, LAX arrival cargo, storage charge information is served.
Office information
Contact number, address, service information of all stations are provided.
You can set and save the color, language, arrival/departure station preferred.
Mobile Application
Search ‘Korean Air Cargo’ at Google play store or Click here
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Search ‘Korean Air Cargo’ at iTunes App store or Click here
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Moblie Website of Korean Air Cargo
  Enter '' or '' on smart phone web browser
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Compatible OS and device for Moblie Website of Korean Air Cargo
    Android : Galaxy, Vega, Optimus, Motorola, HTC etc
  iOS : iPhone, iPad
  Blackberry6.0 : Blackberry