Ground Handling Service
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  By leveraging 30 years of accumulated experience and know-how in cargo ground handling service, we are the
No 1 provider of ground handling services in Korea and handle over 75% of all air cargo flowing in & out of Korea. The Korean Air Cargo Terminal and Korea Airport Service are designed to enhance customer satisfaction with an advanced automated cargo handling system. Our valuable customers, including Singapore Airlines, Air Canada and Nippon Cargo Airlines, all recognize Korean Air's service to be of the highest quality.
  Korean Air is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of cargo handling services that cover all the service
items of Annex A in the IATA's Standard Ground Handling Agreement.
  Above all, we are proud of our qualified personnel whose range of expertise covers not only smart physical
handling in ramp and warehousing, but also flawless documentation in load control, manifesting, irregularity tracing, customs clearance, etc.