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RAMP Service
  Our dedicated and experienced staff enables the smooth loading and unloading of shipments.
We are also fully equipped to handle a wide variety of aircraft including B727F, IL76F AN124, MD11F, and B747F. Korean Air's professional cargo handling services meet the needs of all our customers.
  Service Details
- Aircraft Loading and Unloading
- Push-back and Tow-in Service
- De-icing Service
- Cabin Cleaning
- Lavatory and Water Service
- Ground Equipment Support
We currently serve 32 carriers in Seoul (ICN, GMP), Busan (PUS), and Cheju (CJU) and handle approximately
75% of all import and export cargo in Korea.
We offer differentiated services with the largest and most modernized warehouses, special facilities and
equipment for valuables and perishables.
Service Details
- Acceptance: Thorough check-in
- Buildup: Higher load within contour
- Breakdown: Reliable sorting
- Delivery: Time-definite response
- Special Cargo: Handling with experienced know-how
- ULD Control: Close monitoring of movement and inventory
- Irregularity Management : Punctual tracing service
Maintenance Service
With over 30 years of maintenance experience, we ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.
We are proud to have won the Airbus Award for No. 1 Dispatch Reliability several times from 1983 to 1989 and 1993 to 1996 as well as the MD-11 Award from 1992 to 1997. Our skilled technicians do not permit technical oversights of any kind. Additionally, a maintenance training simulator has recently been introduced to enhance our ability to systematically diagnose aircraft problems.
Service Details
- FAA-Approved Repair Station - Log Book Clearance
- Material Handling
- Line Maintenance
- Technical Support
Fueling Service
We use the latest fueling equipment and facilities in order to provide high quality fueling service that is
compliant with international standards.
An automatic hydrant fuel supply system using underground piping units provides fast and safe refueling service.
Service Details
- Automatic Oil Supply System
- Remote Mobile Hydrant Service
- Fueling via Tank Truck
- Management and Operation of Fuel Distribution System
- Receipt and Storage of Fuel
Flight Operation Service
Our qualified dispatchers provide sophisticated flight operation services using advanced computer systems for
our valued customers. On-time performance is ensured through specific briefings on flight operations.
Service Details
- Filing ATS, ICAO Flight Plans
- Weather Folders and NOTAM
- Report of Operational Status and Movements
- Briefing Operational Information
- Monitoring Flight Movements within VHF
- Fuel Payload Calculations