Requesting user information update to use “New Cargo Portal” website

As the Korean Air Cargo system will be completely replaced on 1st of April 2019, you will be able to visit the New Cargo Portal website from 11th  March 2019.


The user ID which you are using for current cargo homepage can also be used on the “New Cargo Portal” website without update.


Please see below for more information regarding user information update.



What to do through the current homepage : before 24 FEB 2019

Please be noted that user information change and creating new account will not be available from 25 FEB.


1.     Check current user ID information from “My account” menu




- If you only have single “supervisor” ID : you can use this supervisor ID as same as current website


- If you have more than two “supervisor” ID : please remain only one “supervisor” ID which you


will use for the “New Cargo Portal”, other supervisor ID must be changed to different privileges


such as accounting, operation.



2.     Update e-mail information of “supervisor” ID


- You have to use new password for the “New Cargo Portal”.


- Password setting will be made by your e-mail address on your first log-in to “New Cargo Portal”



※ Kindly informed you that only one supervisor ID can be migrated to the “New Cargo Portal” randomly if you still have

multiple supervisor IDs after 24FEB2019.


In the “New Cargo Portal”, only capital letter will be allowed. The ID with the lower case will be changed to upper case automatically. (Some duplicated IDs may delete during the upper case/lower case conversion)


Only one supervisor ID per agent will be migrated to “New Cargo Portal” database.


Please create your sub ID through “manage user” menu if you need additional ID.