Announcement on Implementation of ACAS(Air Cargo Advance Screening)


■ Korean Air thanks you in advance for your cooperation.


■ Every cargo going to or through US will have to provide the cargo information in advance to the CBP

 (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) by ACAS program.

   Please be informed of the details below


■ Prior to the full implementation of ACAS on June 12, we plan to run the ACAS test period first on June 3,

Inaccurate data sent or delay of AWB acceptance may lead to postpone of acceptance from the CBP

which can result in a OFLD.

Please comply with the following instructions and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.


1. Effective Cargo: All international air cargo going to or through US

(Including cargo going to Central and South America through US)


2. Required Data: FWB/FHL Data (AWB NBR, Information of Shipper/Consignee, PC/WT)


3. Recipient: CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection), TSA (Transportation Security Administration)


4. Transmission Time: when completion of AWB acceptance, data is automatically transmitted

(Confirmed authorization is required before cargo loading)


5. Transmission Method: MAWB/HAWB information provided by customer is sent through Airline’s system

  as FWB/FHL electronically


6. Full implementation : As of June 12th (00:00 am)

Trial Period: 2019 June 3rd ~ 11th

(As of June 7th : Cargo subjected in non-authorization will be blocked by KE System (Limited to Build Up)


7. Precaution

1) Correct Information of MAWB/HAWB required

2) Comply with time limit of AWB Acceptance

3) Limit time gap of AWB acceptance after cargo has been accepted