Notification of Cargo Portal function enhancement (newly released function added)

Dear Customer,


Please be informed that functional enhancement has been done to improve customer service as below


1. Enable to cancel for No-Show AWB (Implemented from 1st AUG)

  - Enable to cancel at view summary screen for No-Show AWB 

  - “Cancel” button will be displayed automatically after below three conditions are met 

     No FWB ② “Booking closed” for stated shipment  ③ Flight “depart” for stated shipment 


2. Booking status has been added in tracking screen

- Enable to check the booking status in tracking screen without login


3. Simplifies booking status to Confirmed/Queued (2 types)

- Regardless of the spot rate request, booking status will show Confirmed/Queued in tracking screen

   otherwise “processing” status had been shown when spot processed

- Enable to check spot status from detail section


4. Open with a new tab when clicking AWB number from booking list screen 

- The booking list will be remained as separate tab while you checking detailed information of AWB


5. HS code input function has been added on “sending FHL” (including multiple FHL) screen

- Enable to input HS code in “sending FHL” (including multiple FHL)


Thank you.