Cargo GPS Tracker

Koreanair accept Cargo GPS Tracker transmitting vital information of cargo status (location/transport condition of cargo). Please refer to below approved GPS Tracker model


1. Approved GPS Tracker Status

         Approved Cargo GPS Tracker List


2. Cargo GPS Tracker Handling Procedure

  • Input 'GPS' Code, approved number and model name on reservation system
  • No more than 2 GPS Tracker per MAWB
  • To clarify the model and conditions, submit a photo of the GPS packed in package.


3. Procedure of new authorization

  • Request to branch with safety certification
    • Radio Frequency :  Fulfill FAA Standard (RTCA/DO-160, Sec 21, Category H)
    • Lithium Battery : UN38.3 Test pass
    • Relevant documents such as user manual, product specifications or catalogs