Booking Guide

The New Cargo Portal of Korean Air offers a variety of convenience features to make your reservation easier, faster, and more accurate.

Your reservation data will be automatically registered in the cargo system and please use only English or numeric characters other than Korean when entering the reservation data.

For more information, please refer to the User Manual for Contracted Agent at the bottom of this page

Single Booking

  • Autocomplete for word
    • Enable to input origin, destination, commodity faster and easier.
  • Booking Template
    • Enable to store and recall frequently used reservation information (including remarks)
    • Sharing template information with all Sub IDs which created by supervisor ID
  • Special Handling Code (SCC)
    • Auto display among associated SCC
    • Enable to input multiple SCCs (maximum 9 SCCs per 1 MAWB)
  • Pre-input for dangerous goods information
    • Enables easy and accurate booking through auto-display of details based on entered UNID
  • Total 2 steps required to complete booking
    • 1st step, Booking detail input page : input information such as origin/destination/piece/weight/flight detail etc.
    • 2nd step, Summary page : Enable to check applied rate / Request spot rate
    • To complete your booking, please click the "booking" button on booking summary screen

Request Spot Rate

  • How to request spot rate
    • Input the requested spot rate in the spot rate input section in booking summary screen and click "booking" button
    • Only Non Allotment capacity type is allowed for spot request (Please select "Non Allotment" capacity type manually)
    • Existing applicable rate will be no longer displayed on rate and charges section and the status will be changed to "Processing" also
    • You could request spot rate only one-time per one MAWB
  • How to make accept or reject for reoffered rate from Korean Air
    • Reofferd rate can be checked in the same screen if Korean Air offers a new rate against your initial request
    • You can accept or reject the reoffered rate from Korean Air freely (one-time allowed per one MAWB)

Booking through daily schedule search

  • Flight capacity information
    • You can check the capacity status of each flight by flight icon that appears after log in
    • Flight icon takes you to the booking input screen with the selected flight information
    • Supporting rapid auto confirmation while using Express, Premium product (Only when product allotment allows)
Please be informed that the same functionalities may not be supported who is not using prefix 180 AWB
  User Manual for Contracted Agent Introducing New Cargo Portal