Air cargo transportation tailored just for you

'Customized' offers the highest quality of logistics solution that is tailored to your needs through communication and customization between Shipper, Freight Forwarder, and Korean Air Cargo.

About the Service

  • Customized offers service tailored to your logistics pattern.
  • Customized identifies in advance the matters of management and support that are based on your production, storage, and distribution cycle, and reflects this into its service procedures. Personalized service quality is guaranteed through the operation of Special Care Service Desk.

Service Procedure

  • Contract (Service Customization )
    • Scheduling (routes, flights, agreed capacity, logistical timelines)
    • Product features (precautions on handling, unique characteristics, etc.)
    • Other requirements noted by the customers
  • Reservation
    • Booking Freights with Special Contract Number.
    • VIP coding
      • Shipment will be coded as VIP for special attention
      • All segments of the transportation will be managed separately
  • Freight Handling
    • Identifying VIP customers and checking freights details
    • Labeling VIP on air waybills and freights
    • Providing exclusive care as VIP (in allocating capacity, load planning)
    • Loading on flights guaranteed on the contract
    • Managing shipment via customized monitoring system
  • Delivery at Destination
    • Priority notice to customers upon freight arrival
    • Sorting and preparing freights for immediate delivery

Quality Control Management

  • Dedicated service by ‘SCS (Special Care Service) Desk’ that is specialized in
    • Consistent Care of Freights to the Final Destination
    • Exclusive Track and Tracing
    • Management of risk factors in advance
    • Analysis on service provided to each customer
  • Customized Monitoring System (Watchdog for Complete Service)
    • Monitoring of the entire process until final delivery
    • Open communication and service assessment with contracted customers for the contracted period
    • Constant updates on service procedures with feedback from customers
    • Available on our web page

Customer Value

  • Customer value for shippers
    • Quality is controlled continuously to the final destination
    • Optimal logistics solution is established based on our guaranteed cargo capacity
    • Stable procurement system is established and operated by minimizing uncertainty in transportation and logistics
    • Optimum stock level is maintained with timely supply of goods
  • Customer value for freight forwarders
    • Opportunity for supply management based on globally recognized supply chain capabilities and network
    • Offering of secure transportation service to shipper by establishing highly reliable partnership
    • Reinforced work efficiency by standardizing service through contract
    • Streamlined logistics support for shipper through consistent monitoring of the transportation process