ACAS Transmission Guide

  • Every cargo going to or through USA will have to provide the cargo information in advance to the CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) by ACAS (Air Cargo Advance Screening) program. Please be informed of the details and compliance of ACAS procedures below. 

ACAS Overview and Procedures

  • Effective Cargo: All international air cargo going to or through US (Including cargo going to Central and South America through US) 
  • Required Data: FWB/FHL Data (AWB NBR, Information of Shipper/Consignee, PC/WT) 
  • Recipient: CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) 
  • Transmission Time: When completion of AWB acceptance, data is automatically transmitted (CBP approval is required before cargo loading)   
  • Transmission Method: MAWB/HAWB information provided by the Forwarder is sent through Airline’s system as FWB/FHL electronically
  •  Effective Date : from 12 JUN 2019 

Request for cooperation

  • Correct Information of all MAWB/HAWB required
    • Master Air Waybill & House Air Waybill Number (Up to 12 Alphanumerics)
    • Shipper/Consignee name and valid address 
    • Cargo description 
    • Total quantity and total weight 
  • Comply with time limit of AWB Acceptance
  • Limit time gap of AWB acceptance after cargo has been accepted


   ※ Please be informed that Inaccurate data transmission or delayed AWB acceptance by the Forwarder may result in Off-Load of the applicable cargo due to pending US
       CBP’s approval 
       (For Cargo that is not approved by US CBP, the cargo will be restricted to be loaded)



ACAS self filling by the Forwarder (including the shipper, consignee or ACAS/AMS self filling agent)

  • In case of ACAS self filling by the Forwarder (including the shipper, consignee or ACAS/AMS self filling agent) regarding e-commerce / express cargo 
    • If there is an unusual situation such as referral message '6H, 6J, 6I, 7H, 7J, 7I, 8H, 8J, 8I code' and none of 'SF code' related to ACAS self filling by the Forwarder to the US CBP/TSA, immediately call Korean Air and submit detailed action records with hard copy or e-mail to Korean Air until cargo acceptance.
      ※ SF code : CBP approval code for HAWB Data (Assessment Complete)
    • The forwarder's ACAS self filled cargo must be accepted after checking that the CBP’s 'SF Code' is completed.
    • In the MAWB Handling Information column, please write your own ACAS submitted history and the result of SF approval by the U.S CBP 
      (Name of ACAS Data Filer) has transmitted HAWB ACAS Data directly to ACAS Unit, and has received SF approval without any problems.  

    ※ If any shipments, self-filed by forwarders to the U.S CBP, falls under a non-approval case, such information shall be reported to Korean Air In a timely manner.
        Korean Air should be indemnified from any CBP/TSA  penalties caused from the forwarder's non-compliance with ACAS procedures.