Cargo SAF Program



                       Cargo SAF Program

  As a leading global airline, Korean Air supports the aviation industry's climate change action goals and has implemented a variety of mitigation measures and is actively cooperating with governments, fuel suppliers and aircraft manufacturers to achieve these goals.
blank Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is an alternative fuel made from environmentally friendly sources such as used cooking oil, agricultural byproducts and waste. It can be blended with conventional jet fuel and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% compared to jet fuel. SAF is a key carbon reduction measure within the aviation industry and International Air Transport Association(IATA) expects the use of SAF to play a key role in reducing aviation's greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for the largest share (65%) of the industry's emissions reduction activities in the coming years.


  Korean Air’s SAF program provides opportunity for shippers and forwarders to use SAF when transporting cargo by air. Shippers and forwarders can choose their level of participation and Korean Air will use the contributions to purchase additional SAF.



0 Calculation


Provide an estimate of Carbon Emissions generated by transporting customer’s cargo and discuss how much customer wants to reduce emissions.


Partnership Contract

Proceed with partnership agreement for the purchase and use of SAF on an annual basis.


Purchasing SAF

Purchase and use SAF.



Promote sustainability activities and carbon emissions reductions. 


Sustainability Report

Provide a validated annual report regarding the details of operations for the SAF program.