How to use New Cargo Portal after 11MAR


•       As the Korean Air Cargo system will be completely replaced on 1st of April 2019, you will be able to visit the New Cargo Portal website from 11th  March 2019. You can access the New Cargo Portal easily through the link that will appear on the main screen of the current cargo homepage.


•       The supervisor ID which you are using for current cargo homepage can also be used on the New Cargo Portal website without additional registration. Please see below for more information regarding New Cargo Portal.


What to do through the “New Cargo Portal” : after 11 MAR 2019


1.     New password for supervisor ID should be set through the “New Cargo Portal” on first log-in

- You could receive an e-mail which enable to set a new password by using “find password”

on log-in menu based on your supervisor ID and e-mail information which stored

in current homepage.

- If you lost your valid e-mail address, please contact Korean Air Cargo office or

sales representative for further information.


2.     When you have never joined a membership of Korean Air Cargo Homepage yet

- Please register to the New Cargo Portal once again by using “join us” menu



         ※ Need to create sub ID


- You can create/manage your sub ID through “manage user” on my account.





 Please understand that if there were multiple supervisor IDs at the time of ID transfer

to the New Cargo Portal (after 24FEB, 2019), only one supervisor ID has been transferred

at random.

All IDs on the New Cargo Portal are only capitalized, the supervisor ID registered

in lowercase is automatically changed to uppercase.

So please be informed that some overlapping supervisor IDs might have been

deleted during lowercase/uppercase conversion.