Notice of eAWB implementation for shipments originating from KOR

Korean Air has been realizing the innovation and modernization of air transportation through eco-friendly e-AWB with customers.

We announce implementation of KOR cargoes as below, asking for your cooperation and interest.


1. Background

    〇 Pursuing a new Paradigm for air cargo in response to environmental changes

    〇 Increase efficiency and productivity by reducing time and cost


2. Date

   〇 September 13, 2023 (Wed) (to be mandatory as of January 1, 2024)


3. Destinations and types of cargoes

    〇 Destination : North AME/EUR/JPN/OCN & HKG/TPE/SIN/KUL/PEN

       - Though the destination is not in the list above, it is possible to proceed as e-AWB 

          if destination agents are able to handle it as e-AWB.


    〇 e-AWB cargoes : GEN,FR1/2/3, ELI,ELM

       (All cargoes Excluding DG, WHL, AVI, Pharma, HUM)


4. Operation Procedures

    〇  Documents 

        - EAW : No need to go to the counter

        - EAP : Need to go to the counter -> input supplementary documents into DROP BOX

          ※ e-AWB label should be attached to the envelope, ELI/ELM 


    〇 Request

        - Freight forwarders need to send correct EDI messages.

          ※ AWB Requirements(Not restricted,ELI/ELM information), storage temperature, cargo information, EPN and E.T.C. 

              It is required to secure the accuracy of customs declaration.

        - Need to check the results of e-AWB application through the website or e-mail

           (you can apply for e-mail when submitting EAP)

        - Contact information  should be updated for EDI data failure

          ※ Registration: Document reception counter (for all contract agents and AWB rental forwarders)


# Attachment: FAQ (LINK)

# Queries

  - If you have any queries, please contact Korean Air Cargo local office Sales Rep