Specialized - BIG

specialized big
Specialized Solution for Special Cargo

'Specialized - BIG' is the solution for the transportation of big and heavy cargoes.
With years of experience and expertise, we securely transport big and heavy cargos such as aircraft engines and drilling equipment.

Service Features

  • 'Specialized - Big' is a service applicable to cargoes that are
    • Over 25,000 lbs per piece (or)
    • Over 275 inch (length of one side) and 1,500 kg per piece
  • Our cargo experts offer optimal transportation method, including the correct cargo pallet, loading and unloading of BIG shipments and so forth to guarantee quick and reliable cargo transportation.
  • All necessary facilities and equipment are in place for the handling and transporting of oversized cargo (ETV that can hold 20 ft. pallet, wire strap, etc.).