Specialized - LIVE

specialized live
Specialized Solution for Special Cargo

'Specialized-LIVE' is the perfect solution for optimal transportation of live animals including pets, horses, pigs, chicks, etc. We use the latest aircraft with temperature controls and ventilation systems to carry live animals safely and healthily all over the world.

Type of Live Animals

  • All live animals listed on the IATA Live Animal Regulation (LAR)
  • Classified per product code
    Product code Remark
    AV 1 All other living animals, including dogs, birds, cats, etc
    AV 2 Livestock sold in units of position, including horses, cattle, pigs, etc.
    AV 3 Tropical fishes, corals, hatching eggs, and baby poultry

Service Features

  • We carry live animals safely and securely to the destination while complying with the IATA Live Animal Regulations and relevant regulations of applicable nations for the entirety of carriage, including receiving, loading, unloading, storing, and delivering.
  • Animal breeders and/or veterinarians can accompany live animals if necessary.