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Terms of use for cargo home page

Article 1 (Purpose)

  • These provisions aim to prescribe Korean Air's and its users' rights, obligations, and responsibilities in using Internet related services (hereafter "service") offered at Korean Air’s Cargo Internet website (hereafter "Korean Air").

Article 2 (Definition)

  1. "" means the virtual business site that Korean Air established for offering information and/or services to users and enabling them to transact goods or services by the use of information communication facilities such as computers and information communication networks.
  2. "User" means members and/or non-members who receive offers from Korean Air's service by connecting to "".
  3. "Member" means those registered as members of Korean Air by offering their personal information to Korean Air's website and who receive the information provided by Korean Air and are able to continually use services offered to them.
  4. "Non-member" means those who use information and services offered by Korean Air without being registered as members.
  5. "Freight forwarder" means those who handle export/import shipment with legit certification/permit.

Article 3 (Clarification and Revision of Provisions)

  1. "Korean Air" provides notification of the contents of these provisions on the front service page so that users may be aware of them.
  2. Korean Air may amend these provisions within the scope of committing no violation of laws on regulations of provisions, basic laws on e-commerce, electronic signature laws, laws on the promotion of information network use and information protection, general consumer laws, and laws on consumer protection of e-commerce.
  3. In the event of amending provisions, Korean Air shall provide notification of the causes of revision and date of application, along with current provisions, on the initial page beginning seven (7) days prior to the date of application through one day before the date of application.
  4. Revised provisions shall be applicable to users registered as members before the revision as far as the revised provisions do not violate related laws. However, to users who clearly notified refusal of the application of the revised provisions during its notification period, Korean Air shall apply the original provisions.
  5. Items which are not described in these provisions and the interpretation of these provisions will follow laws on consumer protection of e-commerce, laws on regulation of provisions, consumer protection directives in e-commerce, related laws, and/or customary practices.

Article 4 (Business Operations of "")

  • The business that Korean Air performs through "" is as follows.
    1. Offering of major information related to freight forwarding
    2. Offering of processed information related to cargo booking request, etc.
    3. Other work designated by Korean Air.

Article 5 (Interruption of Service)

  1. Korean Air may temporarily suspend the providing of service on "" in the event of maintenance, repair, exchange, breakdown, or interruption of information communication facilities. (servers, computers, etc.)
  2. Korean Air may temporarily suspend the providing of service on the "" in the event of the irresistible forces such as power outage, facility break down, a convulsion of nature and heavy traffic congestion.
  3. With regard to the interruption of service on the website of Clause 1, Korean Air shall notify users in a way noted in Article 8.

Article 6 (Completion of Service Provisions)

  1. Service user is applicable when agreeing to "Terms of Use" and registering as a member on the "" .
  2. "General Conditions of Carriage" and "Terms of Use" stated on the front service page will be applied when using service from ""

Article 7 (Member Registration)

  1. Member qualification is only for freight forwarders(including their members) under contract with Korean Air.
  2. Terms of membership registration and approval shall follow Korean Air’s applicable regulations.
  3. In the event that a member has any changes in registration as described in Clause 1, Article 13, the member should notify Korean Air of those changes by letter, e-mail or in a similar way.

Article 8 (Withdrawal from Membership and Loss of Qualification)

  1. Any member may require membership withdrawal at any time by letter, e-mail or in a similar way and Korean Air shall instantly answer the request.
  2. In the event that a member falls under one or more of the following terms, Korean Air may limit or suspend the use of service.
    1. In the event that a member lost qualification of membership
    2. In the event that a member wrote down false information
    3. In the event that a member inhibits use of "" to others or threatens or violates an e-commerce order, such as illegal use of other freight forwarder’s information.
    4. In the event that a member acts against either laws related to these provisions, or public orders or customs by using "".
    5. In the event that a member acts against Article 13 (Obligation of Users) or acts against good will.
    6. If there is no record of login activity to the Korean Air Cargo website for the past 1 years.
  3. In the event that Korean Air limits or suspends the use of service, Korean Air shall provide notification of the causes, date, and terms by e-mail, telephone, or letter to users. However, when there is a need for urgent limitation or suspension of service, Korean Air shall provide notification after taking such actions.
  4. If the cause of such actions becomes repetitive or is not be corrected within thirty (30) days after Korean Air limits or suspends the use of service, Korean Air may deprive the member of membership.
  5. In the event that Korean Air deprives a member of membership, member registration shall be removed, and the member concerned shall be notified of that prior to the removal. If Korean Air takes away the rights of a member based on 6 of Article 2, then Korean Air shall give notice prior to 30 days to the member based on the 9th Clause. Also, personal information of the member, which is registered with Korean Air Cargo, will be destroyed based on the regulations of Privacy Policy.
  6. Korean Air shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the suspension of the use of service and deprivation of member qualification.

Article 9 (Notification to Member)

  1. In the event that Korean Air gives notice to a member, Korean Air shall provide notification to the e-mail address offered by the member.
  2. In the event that Korean Air gives notice to unspecific numerous members, the notice will be displayed on "" for more than one (1) week, and such notice will be equivalent to an individual notice.
  3. However, Korean Air may reduce the period prescribed in Clause 2 or omit the notice entirely if occasion requires.

Article 10 (Personal Information Protection)

  • The provisions of the Privacy Policy posted on the "" shall apply to all cases of personal information.

Article 11 (Obligation of Korean Air)

  1. Korean Air shall not act against laws and these provisions, or good public order and morals, and will strive to offer stable service to these provisions.
  2. Korean Air will be equipped with a security system for protecting users personal information (including credit information), so that users can safely use services.
  3. Korean Air shall not e-mail an advertisement for profit-making against the will of users.

Article 12 (Obligation for Member ID and Password)

  1. Members are liable for managing their ID and password.
  2. Members should not allow others to use or lend or rent their ID and password. Members are liable for managing their ID and password illegal uses.
  3. In the event that a member becomes aware that their ID and password is wrongfully used by a third party, the member should immediately notify Korean Air and follow the direction of Korean Air.

Article 13 (Obligation of Users)

  • Users should strictly comply with these provisions and related laws and should avoid doing the following.
    1. Record false information in application.
    2. Deliberately change information displayed on the "".
    3. Perform acts of transmitting or displaying information or computer programs that Korean Air does not allow without permission.
    4. Violate intellectual property rights, including works of Korean Air and/or a related third party.
    5. Perform acts of violating or impeding the honor and privacy of Korean Air and/or a related third party.
    6. Perform acts of transmitting, disclosing, or displaying information that goes against good public orders and morals such as obscene or violent messages of image or voice.

Article 14 (Relationship Between "" and a Related Website)

  • In the event that "" and a related website are linked through a hyper-link (Hyper-link includes letter, picture, and motion picture), Korean Air shall not be liable for guarantee of transactions by users made for goods and services independently offered by the related website.

Article 15 (Reversion of Copyright and Limitation of Use)

  1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights of work prepared by Korean Air shall be reverted to Korean Air.
  2. Users should not use information acquired in using "" for profit-making nor make a third party use that information by way of copying, transmission, publication, distribution, or broadcasting without prior consent of Korean Air.

Article 16 (Disclaimer)

  1. Korean Air is not responsible for any damage occurred to our members by a reason which is not related to Korean Air service.
  2. Korean Air is exempt from responsibility in case of Korean Air cannot provide service due to natural disasters or irresistible force.
  3. Korean Air is not responsible for disable service due to member’s fault.

Article 17 (Termination or Suspension of the Contract)

  1. Service provisions shall be terminated by withdrawal from membership and loss of qualification according to Article 8.
  2. Korean Air may terminate service provisions or stop providing services if users fail to meet their obligations that are provided on the Article 12 and Article 13.
  3. The contract termination according to section 1 and 2 does not exclude a claim for damages that occur to Korean Air or the third party.

Article 18 (Settlement of Dispute)

  1. Korean Air shall establish and operate a committee for the compensation of damages reflecting fair opinions or claims by users and shall compensate for the damages.
  2. Korean Air shall promptly and properly cope with claims and/or opinions offered by users. However, in the event that prompt settlement is not available, Korean Air shall provide notification of the cause and date of settlement immediately.
  3. Korean Air may follow the reconciliation of the committee on an e-commerce dispute, which is established on the basis of basic e-commerce laws article 32 and their enforcement rules, in the event of the occurrence of an e-commerce dispute between Korean Air and users.

Article 19 (Competent Court and Proper Law)

  1. Korean Air shall file a lawsuit on an e-commerce dispute, which may occur between Korean Air and users, to the Seoul District Court.
  2. The law of Republic of Korea shall be applied to an e-commerce lawsuit between Korean Air and users.

Supplementary Provisions

Article 1 (Validity of Provisions)

  • These provisions shall be effectuated as of December 1, 2004 and they shall be applied to those who became members before the establishment of these provisions.

Article 2 (Revision of Provisions)

  • Korean Air complies with laws on regulations of provisions, basic laws on e-commerce, electronic signature laws, laws on the promotion of information network use and information protection, general consumer laws, and laws on consumer protection of e-commerce. In consequence, these Terms of Use is subject to revision in accordance with any changes in applicable laws and government policies. Any revision in these Terms of Use shall be posted on the website specifying the date of revision, reason and revised contents.
    • Internet Terms of Use Version : v1.3
    • Internet Terms of Use Date of Effect : Dec 1, 2004
    • Internet Terms of Use Revision History
      • Dec 1, 2004: Version v1.0 effectuated
      • Jun 26, 2009: Version v1.1 effectuated
      • August 27, 2009: Version v1.2 effectuated
      • March 4, 2013: Version v1.3 effectuated
      • March 11, 2019: Version v1.4 effectuated

Privacy Policy

Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd, whose head office is located 260, Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul Gonghang-dong), Korea, (hereinafter referred to as Korean Air) is the data controller of the processing activities relating to the data subjects referred to in this Cargo Policy (the Policy), and as such determines the means and purposes of Korean Air data processing activities as set out under this Policy.

For the purpose of this Policy:

  • Personal data means any information that can be linked to a Data Subject (the Personal Data);
  • Data subject means natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person (the Data Subjects).

This Policy defines the processing and protection of Personal Data relating mainly to:

  • Korean Air cargo transportation services’ customers; and
  • Representatives of companies using Korean Air cargo transportation services.

Korean Air pledges to do its best to protect the Personal Data of Data Subjects, and to prevent any illegal disclosure of Personal Data, complying with all relevant laws and regulations such as Information Network Act and Protection of Privacy.

Korean Air describes to the Data Subjects the method in which Personal Data is used, making sure that all measures are taken to the best of Korean Air's ability to protect the Data Subjects’ Personal Data and to prevent damage or Personal Data leakage.

This Policy is subject to change at any time in accordance with laws or company regulations, so it is recommended that individuals refer back to this Policy periodically.


  • Korean Air processes the following types of Personal Data:
    1. When signing up for membership of
      1. Main ID
        • User ID, password, IATA code or Account code, representative or personal email address, company telephone number
      2. Additional ID
        • Regional staff's email address, whether or not the member will receive email notice, agent's name, company address (location), name
      3. After logging in with main ID, additional ID may be issued.
    2. When signing up for membership of
      • Agent code, IATA code(BUP handling agents), first name, last name, email address, business license
    3. When using “Voice Of Customer” or “Online Claim” menu for non-members
      Data Subjects will be required to provide the following Personal Data to receive customer service from the “Contact us” menu.
      • Name, phone number, email, location
        Data Subjects will be required to provide the following Personal Data for “Online Claim” registration service.
      • Company name, company location (country, city), name, phone number, email
    4. Automatically Generated Information
      In addition, the following Personal Data may be collected during the use of various services and as part of Personal Data processing.
      • Service records, access log, cookie, IP Address, etc.
    5. When using Korean Air’s call center, airport stations, or branch offices
      • The following Personal Data may be collected to verify user and to proceed with service payment and agreement
        • Basic information: Name, contact information (telephone, e-mail), company information, etc.
        • The following additional information may be collected when receiving special shipments and live animals:
      • Live animal shipper report, live animal form, perishable goods shipper report, medical supply agreement, damage exemption agreement, cargo application, cargo receipt, request for confirmation of receiver, ledger for managing cargo terminal entry/exit, AWB receipt stamp confirmation, etc.
      • Korean Air collects Personal Data by using the following means.
        • Membership or bulletin board on the website, telephone, fax, etc.
        • Our sales representatives and cargo staffs in all branches


  • When processing Data Subject’s Personal Data, Korean Air mainly relies on the following legal basis:
    • processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the Data Subject is a party;
      • Relevant Purposes : Cargo acceptance, notification and delivery
      • Categories of personal data : shipper/consignee name, address, phone number, e-mail address
    • processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which Korean Air is subject;
      • Relevant Purposes : customs declaration
      • Categories of personal data : shipper/consignee name, address, phone number
    • The Data Subject has given consent to the processing of his Personal Data for one or more specific purposes.
      • Relevant Purposes : feedback for inquiry/suggestion/complaint
      • Categories of personal data : name, e-mail address, phone number
    • Korean Air processes Personal Data for the purposes listed below:

      When using Korean Air’s call centre, airport stations, or branch offices

      • Performance of a contract: as part of the contractual relationship between Korean Air and the Data Subject, Personal Data processing may be carried out for the following purposes:
        • Services rendered: Providing contents, booking, tracing the shipment, displaying invoices, etc.
        • Data Subject management: Data Subject identification, prevention of membership abuse and unlicensed use of service, confirmation of membership registration, regulating membership registration, customer service, and announcements
      • Legitimate interest of Korean Air
        • Pre-litigation and litigation: maintaining records for disputes resolution purposes
        • Marketing and advertising: Notices about new services, promotional events and information
      • Performance of a contract: as part of the contractual relationship between Korean Air and the Data Subject, Personal Data processing may be carried out for the following purposes:
        • Services rendered and payment: cargo receipt, import cargo information search, receipt and transportation of live animals and special shipments
        • Data Subject management: user identification, customer service, and announcements
    • Legitimate interest of Korean Air
      • Pre-litigation and litigation: maintaining records for disputes resolution purposes
  • Korean Air has established links to other websites in order to enhance service to its members. However, Korean Air would like to recommend Data Subjects to check and confirm the privacy policies of the linked sites since Korean Air has no direct control over others' websites.


  • Korean Air only provides Personal Data to third parties when there is a legal basis (such as the performance of a contract entered into with the Data Subject or consent from the Data Subject).
  • In any event, Korean Air shall notify such disclosure to the Data Subject via a written document, email, or notice board of website specifying the purpose and contents of such Personal Data provision as well as the retention periods, and obtain the consent (for instance an opt-in) from the Data Subject before proceeding.


  • Korean Air entrusts a part of the handling of Personal Data to the following companies to provide Data Subjects with stable web services and for the managing of Korean Air's cargo website.
    Category Outsourced work Outsourced company
    Internet website Maintaining and operating of online website, including web server and database management, etc. LG CNS
    Hanjin Information Systems & Telecommunication Co., Ltd.,
    Needcreo Co., Ltd.
    Announcement/notification via SMS and KakaoTalk message regarding service for air cargo transportation and so forth
    Airport Stations Booking, transportation, documentation, customs declaration of cargo Incheon - K-tec manpower, Zeniel, Samkoo Inc., Unies
    Gimpo - Uniair service, Unies
    Pusan - Zeniel
    Cheju - K-tec manpower
    Other regional airports - Air Korea
    Overseas - Overseas outsourced companies
    Status of outsourced companies
    Providing customer services to shippers and agencies
    Ground handling agents may directly or indirectly collect Personal Data for and on behalf of Korean Air.
    Region Ground Handling Company
    Americas F&E
    AGI (Alliance Ground International)
    WFS (Worldwide Flight Service)
    Going (Global Operations & Infrastructure Group)
    Aeromexico Services
    HGL (Hanjin Global Logistics)
    TAS (Total Airport Services)
    Gateway Facility
    Mega International
    Europe Swissport
    AF (Air France)
    Fraport AG
    Pulkovo Cargo Terminal
    Northern Cargo Gateway
    ALHA (Mail : MLE)
    Airport Handling
    HY (Uzbekistan Airways)
    Cargo Center
    Sheremetyevo Airport
    QAS (Quality Airport Services)
    VIA Airport
    ACL (Aerospace Cargo Logistics)
    Ground Force
    China MU (China Eastern Airlines)
    CA (Air China Cargo)
    HACTL (Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal)
    CZ (China Southern Airlines)
    Japan JAL - JALKAS
    South East Asia JTG (Thai Airways)
    PT Gapura Angkasa
    MH (Aerodarat)
    TCS (Tan Son Nhat Cargo Services Limited)
    VIAGS (Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company Ltd.,)
    ALSC (ALS Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd)
    SATS (SATS Ltd)


  • Korean Air will destroy and erase Personal Data as follows:
    • Membership information: Upon termination of membership
    • Information collected temporarily for surveys or events: When the applicable survey or event expires
      1. However, Korean Air may retain all or any applicable part of Personal Data after its purpose has been served for the following period when required by law or related regulations regarding consumer protection.
      2. In this case, Korean Air will retain Personal Data solely for the purpose of preservation and maintenance.
        • Record of advertising and so on: six months
        • Record of contract, agreement, and withdraw: five years
        • Record of payments and supplies: five years
        • Record of consumer complaints and disputes: three years


  1. Procedure
    • Personal Data submitted by members for the purpose of membership registration is stored for a certain period of time in accordance with the internal policy of the company and the applicable laws for the protection of privacy before it is destroyed.
  2. Method
    • Hardcopy that contains Personal Data is shredded by a shredder whereas softcopy is deleted without the possibility of recovery.


  • A Data Subject benefits from the following rights (subject to specific local law provisions):
    • He may request the access, modification, rectification or erasure his Personal Data, or the restriction (in certain circumstances) of the processing of such Personal Data, and/or the withdrawal of the consent he gave regarding the processing of his Personal Data;
    • He may object to a processing on grounds relating to his particular situation;
    • He has the right to request the portability of his Personal Data to another controller;
    • He may lodge a complaint with a data protection authority;
    • He may also establish guidelines for the preservation, the deletion and the transmission of Personal Data after his death (when the French data protection legislation is applicable).
  • Data Subjects can exercise their rights through the website (; Data Subjects also can write or call Korean Air's cargo department directly, or send an email to   [email protected] Korean Air responds to Data Subjects’ request accordingly after conducting their identification process.
  • Data Subjects can access and modify their Personal Data by clicking My account menu after logging on to the Korean Air cargo website.
  • In order to erase their Personal Data, Data Subjects need to contact our department in charge of Personal Data by writing, calling, or sending an email; Korean Air will destroy all or any applicable part of Personal Data immediately as well as terminate the Data Subjects’ memberships and notify them of settlement outcome.
  • Korean Air will take necessary measures to ensure that Personal Data withdrawn and deleted by Data Subjects’ request will not be permitted for view and use except for the cases noted on 5.Terms & Duration of Personal Data.



  • Korean Air has implemented several technical security measures for the purpose of protecting Personal Data.
  • All information submitted by Data Subjects is managed by SSL 128 bit method encrypting and a security system equipped with a highly secure dual firewall.
  • In terms of organisational measures, various effective procedures are implemented to assure the highest level of security.
  • In addition, the number of personnel who has access to Personal Data is reduced to the minimum while security training programs are provided on a regular basis. Also, a password is applied to those who operate Personal Data processing system, and it is renewed regularly.


  • Korean Air operates a dedicated department to protect Data Subjects’ Personal Data and to handle complaints regarding privacy.
  • If you have questions regarding Personal Data, please contact us using information provided below.
    • Department in Charge of Personal Data
    • Korean Air Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be contacted using the following details:
    • Person in charge of protecting (managing) Personal Data
      Noh, Sam Sug
      Director of Cargo Business Division and Senior Vice President, Korean Air


  • If you have any inquiries or feedback regarding your Personal Data, please register by using the following contact information.
  • We will respond to any concern as quickly as possible.
  • Please direct your inquiries to the following centers if you have anything to report or need a consultation regarding the infringement of Personal Data.
    • Call Center for the Infringement of Personal Data: KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency) Link
    • High-Tech Crime Investigation Department at the Supreme Prosecutor’s office: SPO, Republic of Korea Link /   02-3480-2000
    • Korean National Policy Agency Cyber Terror Response Center: Link /   02-392-0330
  • Korean Air's Privacy Policy is effective as of 26 May 2008. The Privacy Policy of Korean Air may be altered due to revisions in relevant Korean laws and governmental directives. If Korean Air makes any revisions, it will publish the applicable information on the Internet website seven days prior to enforcing the changes.
    • Privacy Policy Version: V 1.5
    • Privacy Policy Date of Enforcement: 26 May 2008.
    • Privacy Policy Amendments
      • 26 Jun 2009: Amended as follows: Collecting “PII”, Entrusting “PII” Addendum: Collecting “PII” (v1.1)
      • 27 August 2009: Amended as follows: Collecting “PII”, Entrusting “PII”(v1.2)
      • 4 March 2013: Amended as follows: Entrusting “PII”, Department in charge of “PII”, Feedback & Customer Service (v1.3)
      • 15 July 2015: Amended as follows: Modification of Collecting “PII” (v1.4)
      • 9 Jun 2016: Amended as follows: Collecting “PII”, Entrusting “PII” (v1.5)
      • 24 May 2018: Revised to abide by EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which enters into force on 25 May 2018 (v.1.6)
      • 11 Mar 2019: Revised due to the change of service provider company : Collecting “PII”, Entrusting “PII”

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