Introduction notice for Mobile Application of Korean Air Cargo

Mobile App Guide.pdf

Please be informed that the Mobile Application of Korean Air Cargo is opened as follows.


1. How to Access

 ㅇ By App Market

   - Search "Korean Air Cargo" or "KE Cargo(iOS)" at Google Play Store / Apple App Store



 ㅇ By URL Link


 ㅇ By QR code

2. System Specifications

  ㅇ Mobile Operation System 



Unsupported Version


Android 5.0 and up

Android 4.0 and below


Apple iOS 8.0 and up

Apple iOS 8.0 and below


  ㅇ Supported Mobile Devices  


Device version supported


Samsung Galaxy 4, Galaxy Note 3,
LG G2, Xiaomi Mi 5 and up


Apple iPhone 5 and up


3. Available Services
  ㅇ Log in mobile application with same ID/PW of cargo portal(      

  ㅇ Major Services 
     - Functional menu : Schedule(Daily, Weekly, Flight Operation Status), Tracking, Booking, My Cargo,
                                     Operations(Customs Status, Daily On-board list, Cargo Acceptance Result)

     - Static Pages : Products, Services, Tools, Branch Information, etc.

4. Cut-over : From 01 October, 2019 (TUE)

Attachment : Cargo Mobile App Guide

Thank you.